A better chat extension for Hangout

One place to connect with all your live event audience and participants.
Stream hangout and Youtube chat together with enhanced features.

Explore Its Features

UnifiedChat extension has two use cases. First to be used as a default chat replacement in a normal hangout video conference. Second to be used with Hangout On Air Events to stream all the chats at one place.


UnifiedChat Extension for Hangout

  • Can see youtube users chat from within the hangout. Share unifiedchat chat link instead of youtube link
  • Advance user moderation features
  • Anyone having URL of a public conversation can join the chat
  • To join a private conversation, Moderator approval is needed
  • Very intuitive and clean UI
  • Huge set of emoji's to give life to chats

UnifiedChat Website for embeded Youtube broadcast video

  • Clutter free UI to have more immersive experience while watching a broadcast video
  • It enables you to see the conversations happening withing the hangout also
  • Persistent chat lets you create topic-based discussion rooms that persist over time
  • For YouTube custom live event open this URL https://unifiedchat.com/live.htm?YouTubeLiveId=Your_Video_ID . Create a new chat room or join existing one to obtain "Share URL".

Setting up a live event

  • Create an Event and get hangout link either using "YouTube creator Studio" or "Google plus HOA page"
  • Open event hangout. Append "&gid=231331853758" at the end of URL in address bar and enter to reload hangout with UnifiedChat extenson installed.
  • From the UnifiedChat extension. Create a new chat room or use previously created one to obtain a UnifiedChat website URL.
  • Share this website URL to your live event audience instead of youtube URL. Share the edited hangout URL to your event participants.